I’m watching Thursday’s The View. My desire to see what our politicians think they’re achieving over-rode my common sense.

I think my brain is melting out my ears.

I still have no idea what they’re trying to achieveĀ (well, no, I know what they want, I just don’t know what they think they’re going to <i>get</i>), I am in the horrible position of agreeing with Gerry Kelly in his thesis that the UUP and DUP are making fools of themselves, (Gerry Kelly, the man who thinks surfing police landrovers is a good plan, thinks you are making fools of yourselves, please think about your life choices), and NONE OF THEM ARE CAPABLE OF SHUTTING UP AND LETTING OTHER PEOPLE TALK. I don’t know how Mark Carruthers puts up with it.

As far as I can gather, the Unionist/Loyalist contingent feel the residents are making a fuss over a ‘six-minute walk’ and should just ignore it. So it’s not worth making a fuss over if it happens but it’s worth causing substantial disruption to state functions if it doesn’t? Either it is no big deal or it isn’t. For the love of god, pick one.

And I really hope the new Chief Constable is less naive than he’s making out, because so far, every word they’ve said is code for riot. I’d really like if he’d actually enforce the law, too, but I’m not holding out much hope for that. He’s singing the ‘The Court of Appeal proved us right’ song. So looks like the idiot collectives of Belfast will get to merrily riot and screw up everyone else’s lives in the name of human rights.

I want to live somewhere where MY human rights are respected. You know, my freedoms of expression, assembly and association, all of which will be contravened by the police confining me to my home for the benefit of rioters, just in case they might have to actually arrest one of them and we couldn’t have that.